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General background about the Arizona Flag

Arizona Flag     Arizona Great Seal


  Lake Havasu City

Arizona's state flag displays a field of blue on the lower half while the upper half is divided into 13 equal segments, or rays, in alternating colors of red and yellow (old gold). The rays start in the center on the lower line and continue to the edges of the flag. Superimposed in the center of the flag lies a copper colored 5 point star. The red and blue colors of the flag are an exact match with the red and blue shades of the U.S. flag.

  • MOTTO: "God Enriches"
  • ENTERED UNION: Feb. 14, 1912
  • FLAG ADOPTED: February 17, 1917
  • COMMENTS: The 'rays of light' in the flag, symbolized in red and old-gold colors, are in reference to what everyone thinks when they think of Arizona...The Sun. Arizona is the country's largest producer of copper...hence the copper colored star.


In 1910, during the National Rifle Match at Camp Perry in Ohio, members of the Arizona Rifle Team noticed that all the other teams displayed flags at the contest. Thinking 'Arizona should have its own flag', they suggested to Colonel Charles W. Harris, the adjutant general of the Arizona National Guard, that a Arizona state flag would be appropriate. Eventually Colonel Harris was able to design the new flag with the help of U.S. Congressman Carl Hayden's wife Nan Hayden. Harris and Hayden chose colors that they felt best represented Arizona, and soon after Mrs. Hayden sewed the first Arizona state flag.


Arizona Flag
State Flag, Arizona




  • London Bridge, which once spanned England's River Thames, was purchased for Lake Havasu City in the 1960's. The bridge was shipped across the Atlantic and reconstructed in the Arizona desert.
  • Lake Powell, the nation's second largest reservoir, is named for John Wesley Powell, the one-armed Civil War veteran who was the first white person to successfully navigate and map the Grand Canyon.
  • The federal government owns 88 percent of Arizona's land, including 21 Indian reservations. Of these, the Navajo Nation Reservation is the largest.
  • Pluto, once classified as a planet, was discovered from the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff in 1930.
  • Arizona's largest lizard, the Gila monster, is the only poisonous lizard in the United States.
  • The amount of copper on the roof of the Capitol building is equivalent to 4,800,000 pennies.


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