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General background about the Delaware Flag

Delaware Flag     Delaware Great Seal


  Delaware City
  New Castle
  Rehoboth Beach

The design of the official state flag of Delaware is as follows: A background of colonial blue (arno blue) surrounding a diamond of buff (a golden-beige or brownish-yellow color). Within the diamond is placed the image from the coat of arms of the State in the colors prescribed by law, with the words, "December 7, 1787" to be inscribed beneath the diamond.

  • MOTTO: The First State
  • ENTERED UNION: Dec. 7, 1787
  • FLAG ADOPTED: July 24, 1913
  • COMMENTS: One of the nickname's for Delaware is the 'Blue Hen State', the Blue Hen is also the state bird. Due to Delaware's strong history with this bird, it is actually a state law that the floor stand (or base) of the governor's flagpole be molded in the shape of a blue hen.


Thomas Jefferson once compared Delaware to a diamond. His reasoning was that Delaware was small, but very valuable, hence the diamond in the center of the flag. Within the diamond is the state's 'great seal' (or 'coat of arms'), an image that was adopted on January 17, 1777 as the official image representing the government of Delaware. The 'buff' color of the diamond is a commemoration to the color of George Washington's uniform. The words "Liberty and Independence" appear on a ribbon at the feet of the farmer and the musket-toting American soldier depicted in the flag. Also displayed in the flag you'll find a ship representing coastal commerce and the ship building industry. Beneath the diamond and the coat of arms is the date, December 7, 1787. This is the day that Delaware became the first state to ratify the Constitution, thus becoming the first state of our new nation.



Delaware Flag
State Flag, Delaware




  • In 1880 the country held the first Miss United States pageant in Delaware. Inventor Thomas Edison was one of the judges.
  • During the Revolutionary War, a company of soldiers under Captain Jonathan Caldwell amused themselves by staging cockfights with their captain's blue hen chickens. The men distinguished themselves in several key battles and became known as the Blue Hen's.
  • Delaware is sometimes called the Diamond State. This nickname can be traced back to Thomas Jefferson, who called Delaware a jewel among states because of its strategic position along the Atlantic coast.
  • Built by Swedish immigrants in 1683, Delaware is home to the first log cabins in North America, most of those 'log cabins' were a simple single-room, one story structure.
  • A portion of the Delaware-Pennsylvania border is the only rounded boundary in the United States.
  • Delaware's nickname, First State, refers to the fact that it was the first state to ratify the U.S. Constitution.


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