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General background about the Florida Flag

Florida Flag     Florida Great Seal


  Fort Lauderdale
  Fort Myers
  Key West
  Lake City

Florida's official legislative-description of their flag is as follows: "The seal of the state, in diameter one-half the hoist, shall occupy the center of a white ground. Red bars, in width one-fifth the hoist, shall extend from each corner towards the center, to the outer rim of the seal".

  • MOTTO: "In God We Trust"
  • ENTERED UNION: Mar. 3, 1845
  • FLAG ADOPTED: 1890
  • COMMENTS: The region known as Florida has flown many flags over the last few centuries. The Spanish Flag, the French Flag, Great Britain's 'Union Jack', the 'Three Confederate States of America Flag, the official Florida State Flag, and the United States Flag have all been raised overhead in this history-rich area of America.


There were several unofficial state flags before the first appearance of the state seal on a white background, which was used as the acting state flag from 1868 to 1890. In the late 1800's Governor Francis P. Fleming requested that the crimson cross of St. Andrew, which resembled a large X, be added to the design. He felt that the current flag, which was mostly white, looked too much like the traditional flag of surrender. Florida's state flag is very similar to Alabama's, as both utilize the crimson cross of St. Andrew, however, Florida's flag kept its centrally located state seal in the design. The state seal was adopted in 1868 and the official Florida State Flag of cross & seal was adopted in 1890.


Florida Flag
State Flag, Florida




  • Clearwater has the highest rate of per capita lightning strikes of any U.S. city.
  • Ft. Lauderdale has 185 miles of local waterways, earning it the nickname of 'Venice of America'.
  • The Overseas Highway, which spans 113 miles between Key Largo and Key West, has more than 42 bridges and links more than a hundred islands. The longest is the Seven Mile Bridge.
  • Counting bays and barrier islands along its Atlantic and Gulf coasts, Florida has 8,500 miles of shoreline. Alaska is the only state with more.
  • The oldest European settlement in North America is Saint Augustine.
  • Citrus fruits originated in Southeast Asia. Ponce de Leon planted the first citrus in Florida in the mid-1500's.


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