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General background about the Idaho Flag

Idaho Flag     Idaho Great Seal


  Coeur d'Alene
  Idaho Falls
  Post Falls
  Twin Falls

Idaho's state flag consists of the state seal centered on a field of blue. The words “State of Idaho” appear in gold letters on a red and gold band below the seal.

  • MOTTO: "May She Endure Forever"
  • ENTERED UNION: July 3, 1890
  • FLAG ADOPTED: March 12, 1907 (with redefined codes adopted in 1927 & 1957)
  • COMMENTS: The original flag, tattered and worn from use, has been restored and placed on permanent display at the Idaho Historical Museum in Boise.


The 'original' state flag description stated that the flag should be silk, with a blue field, 5 feet 6 inches high, 4 feet 4 inches on pike and bordered by gilt fringe 2 1/2 inches wide, with the State Seal of Idaho in the center. The words "State of Idaho" is to be embroidered in gold block letters two inches high on a red band below the Great Seal. It was adopted by the 1907 legislature. The state seal was designed by Emma Edwards Green.


Idaho Flag
State Flag, Idaho


Idaho Flag with Fringe 
State Flag with Fringe, Idaho




  • Arco was the first city in the world to be lighted with electricity generated by nuclear power.
  • To prepare for missions to the moon, NASA's Apollo astronauts spent time learning about volcanic rocks at Craters of the Moon National Monument.
  • The Big Wood River, sometimes known as the Upside Down river, has the curious feature of changing from 100 feet wide by 4 feet deep to 4 feet wide by 100 feet deep a short distance away.
  • Five of history's pioneer trails, including the Oregon Trail and the California Trail, cross Southern Idaho. Wagon ruts are still visible all along the rugged terrain.
  • Crystal Ice Cave is a remarkable underground chamber containing a frozen river, waterfall, and other formations all preserved at a consistent 32 degrees Fahrenheit even when the outside temperature is 95-97 degrees.
  • Silver Valley in northern Idaho is one of the top 10 mining districts in the world. The area has produced more than $4 billion in precious metal since 1884.


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