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General background about the Indiana Flag

Indiana Flag     Indiana Great Seal


  Fort Wayne
  South Bend
  Terre Haute

Indiana's state flag is an elegant image made up of a gold torch surrounded by an outer circle of thirteen stars, an inner semi-circle of five stars, with a 19th, larger, star at the top of the torch, with the word 'Indiana' embedded between the stars, all centrally displayed on a blue background.

  • MOTTO: "The Crossroads of America"
  • ENTERED UNION: Dec. 11, 1816
  • FLAG ADOPTED: May 31, 1917
  • COMMENTS: A variation of the Indiana state flag was used as the Gotham flag in the 1992 movie Batman Returns. The flag can be seen in the mayor's office.


In 1916, the Indiana General Assembly called for a state flag design-contest in celebration of the 100 year anniversary of its statehood. The Indiana Daughters of the American Revolution responded by organizing the contest and publishing it throughout the state. An artist named Paul Hadley, from Mooresville, Indiana, submitted the winning design. The General Assembly made only one change to Hadley's original design: they added the word Indiana, in a crescent shape, over the top of the torch.

The centerpiece of the state flag is the torch, which represents 'liberty and enlightenment', with the golden rays extending outward symbolic of the far-reaching influence of these ideals. The thirteen stars in the outer circle represent the original thirteen colonies of the United States, the inner semi-circle of five stars represent the next five states admitted to the Union. The largest star, positioned above the torch and below the state name represent the nineteenth member of the United States...Indiana.


Indiana Flag
State Flag, Indiana




  • Indiana has more miles of interstate highway for each square mile of territory than any other state, and more major interstate highways intersect in Indiana than anywhere else in the country.
  • Between 1900 and 1920, more than 200 different kinds of cars, including Duesenburgs, Auburns, Stutzes, and Maxwells, were manufactured in Indiana.
  • During the great Depression of the 1930's in southern Indiana unemployment was as high as 50 percent.
  • John Chapman, better known as Johnny Appleseed, is buried in Archer Park in Fort Wayne. Every year Fort Wayne hosts the Johnny Appleseed Festival to commemorate the man who planted apple orchards from Pennsylvania to Illinois.
  • In 1880 Wabash became the first city in the country to be lighted by electric lights.
  • The first Raggedy Ann doll was created by Marcella Gruelle in Indianapolis in 1914.


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