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General background about the Maryland Flag

Maryland Flag     Maryland Great Seal


  College Park

Maryland has one of the most unusual flags of any state. It is quartered. The 1st and 4th quarters consist of 6 vertical bars alternately gold and black with a diagonal band on which the colors are reversed. The 2nd and 3rd quarters are a quartered field of red and white, charged with a Greek cross, its arms terminating in trefoils, with the coloring transported, red being on the white ground and white on the red.

  • MOTTO: "Strong Deeds, Gentile Words"
  • ENTERED UNION: Apr. 28, 1788
  • FLAG ADOPTED: March 9, 1904
  • COMMENTS: The Maryland State Flag is the only state flag based on heraldic emblems.


Maryland's flag is one of only four U.S. state flags that does not contain the color blue (the other three being Alabama, California, and New Mexico). The black and gold design on the flag is the coat of arms from the George Calvert family line. Historians have long recognized George Calvert as the founder of Maryland, in spirit if not in fact.


Maryland Flag
State Flag, Maryland




  • The Maryland State House in Annapolis is the oldest state capitol still in continuous use for meetings of the state legislature.
  • The first successful passenger balloon flight in the U.S. took place in Baltimore on June 24, 1784. The only person onboard was 13-year-old Edward Warren.
  • In 1860 Baltimore had more free African Americans than any other major U.S. city. The Chesapeake Marine Railway and Dry Dock Company, founded in 1869, was operated by African Americans. Today, Prince George's Country is one of the wealthiest predominantly black communities in the country.
  • Annapolis, Maryland is home to the United States Naval Academy founded on October 10, 1845.
  • The first school in the United States was opened in 1696 and named King Williams School.
  • The Chesapeake Bay divides Maryland into two sections the Eastern Shore and the Western Shore.


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