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General background about the Mississippi Flag

Mississippi Flag     Mississippi Great Seal


  Horn Lake
  Olive Branch

In 1894 Mississippi legislation describes the official flag as having the following design: with width two-thirds (2/3) of its length; with the union (canton) to be square, in width two-thirds (2/3) of the width of the flag; the ground of the union to be red and a broad blue saltire thereon, bordered with white and emblazoned with thirteen mullets or five-pointed stars, corresponding with the number of the original States of the Union; the field to be divided into three bars of equal width, the upper one blue, the center one white, and the lower one, extending the whole length of the flag, red (the national colors).

  • MOTTO: "By Valor and Arms"
  • ENTERED UNION: Dec. 10, 1817
  • FLAG ADOPTED: February 7, 1894
  • COMMENTS: The flag is unique among U.S. state flags as it is the sole remaining U.S. state flag which still depicts the Confederate battle flag's saltire.


In 2000, the Supreme Court of Mississippi ruled that state legislature in 1906 had repealed the adoption of the state flag in 1894, so what was considered to be the official state flag was only so through custom and usage. The flag was officially readopted on February 7, 2001. Today's Mississippi state flag still contains a small Confederate Battle Flag in the upper left corner (it is also called the union square). There are thirteen white stars on a St. Andrew's Cross, and horizontal blue, white and red stripes.

 There continues to be controversy over the use of the Confederate Battle Flag in the canton of the Mississippi flag. In April 2001, Mississippi voters flooded polling booths to decide if the flag with the Confederate emblem needed a new look, they decided to keep the original flag with an overwhelming 65% of the vote. In August 2012, the Southeastern Conference Baseball League said Mississippi's flag could be a problem for bringing baseball tournaments to the state. In 2014, a California Bar association sent a letter urging an Orange County city to remove the flag from its civic center, where flags from every other state fly. The letter claimed the Confederate symbol is linked to a legacy or racism, oppression and violence.

It remains to be seen if Mississippi will keep its state flag as is, or if they will eventually bow to public pressure to remove an image that, to many, is a reminder of an ugly, prejudice, violent time in our country's history.


Mississippi Flag
State Flag, Mississippi




  • Natchez, settled by the French in 1716, is the oldest permanent European settlement in Mississippi.
  • NASA space shuttle engines were tested at the John C. Stennis Space Center, near Bay St. Louis.
  • Mississippi is the country's leading supplier of farm-raised catfish. This industry supports other segments of the economy, such as corn, soybeans, and cottonseed, all of which are used as fish food.
  • The famous crash of the Cannonball Express, which killed folk-song hero Jonathan Luther 'Casey' Jones, occurred in Vaughn on April 30, 1900.
  • In 1902 while on a hunting expedition in Mississippi, President Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt refused to shoot a captured bear. The act resulted in the creation of the world-famous teddy bear.
  • Edward Adolf Barq Sr. invented Root beer in Biloxi in 1898.


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