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General background about the Montana Flag

Montana Flag     Montana Great Seal


  Great Falls
  West Yellowstone

Montana's state flag consists of the image of the Montana state seal centered on a field of blue with the state name 'MONTANA' in bold letters displayed above the seal.

  • MOTTO: "Gold and Silver"
  • ENTERED UNION: Nov. 8, 1889
  • FLAG ADOPTED: 1905 (Revised 1981)
  • COMMENTS: In 1985, the flag was again modified to specify the font used in "Montana."


The first territorial Infantry went to fight in the Philippine Insurrection in the fall of 1898. By the time they returned home one year later, their flag had been made famous by Montana's newspaper photos of the flag. Upon his return from battle, Colonel Kessler presented the flag to the state's governor, Robert Smith. The Montana State Legislative Assembly was so taken with the image of the state seal on a blue field that they voted to make it the official state flag in 1905. The marking "1st. Montana Infantry U.S.V." was dropped from the flag, leaving just the state seal. In 1981, the state legislative added the state's name in bright yellow capital letters. 'MONTANA' was added above the state seal and later, in 1985, the font of the name Montana was standardized to eliminate variations used by different flag manufacturer's; the chosen font was "Helvetica bold".


Montana Flag
State Flag, Montana

Original Montana Flag
Original Montana Flag (1905-1981)


  • Many dinosaur fossils have been found in Montana, including nests with eggs and juveniles. The nests led paleontologist Jack Horner, consultant to the movie Jurassic Park, to conclude that dinosaurs exhibited family behavior.
  • One of the world's highest sports centers is located in Butte, which has an elevation of 5,549 feet.
  • Montana is the only state with river systems that empty into the Gulf of Mexico, Hudson Bay, and the Pacific Ocean.
  • Montana is home to the most diverse species of mammals in the U.S., there are at least 19 large mammal and 96 small mammal species.
  • Montana has a tribally-controlled college on each of its Indian reservations. tribes include the Crow, Northern Cheyenne, and Blackfeet.
  • The western portion of the state rises up in tall, rugged Rocky Mountain country. Many of the mountains are covered with snow for about 8 to 10 months of the year.


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