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General background about the Nevada Flag

Nevada Flag     Nevada Great Seal


  Boulder City
  Carson City
  Las Vegas

Nevada's state flag consists of a cobalt blue field with a variant of the state's emblem in the upper left hand corner. The emblem contains a silver star, below which appears the state's name. Above the star is a golden-yellow scroll with the words "Battle Born", one of the state's many mottos. Below the star and state name are two sprays of green sagebrush (the state flower) with yellow flowers.

  • MOTTO: "All for Our Country"
  • ENTERED UNION: Oct. 31, 1864
  • FLAG ADOPTED: 1905, (Revised 1915), (Revised 1929), (Revised 1991)
  • COMMENTS: Nevada becoming a state during the American Civil War, consequently one of it's state mottos is 'Battle Born' (now displayed on the flag, even-though it is not the 'official' state motto).


The first flag of Nevada was created by Governor John Sparks and Col. Harry Day in 1905. It was based strongly on Nevada's natural resources of gold and silver. The thirty six stars displayed on the blue background represent Nevada's position as the thirty sixth state to enter the union. The second state flag was adopted in 1915, it was changed to add the state seal to the flag. Clara Crisler of Carson City designed the new flag. The 36 gold and silver stars were re-arranged around the emblem along with the words "All for Our Country" (the official state motto) displayed below, the state name was placed above the seal.

In 1929 the flag was redesigned using the image created by Don Louis Shellback III. The background color of the flag remained blue, but the flag's design changed dramatically. Two sprays of sagebrush crossed to form a wreath in the upper left portion of the flag. A five-pointed star appeared at the center of the wreath with "Nevada" spelled out between the points of the star. A scroll with the motto "Battle Born" signified that Nevada entered the Union during the Civil War, at the same time, the 'official' state motto was removed (oddly removing the 'official' state motto for an unofficial motto). On October 1, 1991, the legislature agreed to alter the way that "Nevada" is depicted on the State flag, thus creating the fourth version of the state flag. Verne R. Horton created the current design, the word "Nevada" is now positioned underneath the star instead of interspersed between the points of the star.


Nevada Flag
State Flag, Nevada

Nevada Flag Original
Original State Flag
Nevada Flag Second
Second State Flag
Nevada Flag Third
Third State Flag


  • In the early days, mail was delivered to Carson Valley by a Norwegian mailman on homemade skis.
  • More than a thousand atomic bomb tests, both above and below ground, have been conducted in Nevada by the U.S. Army. During the 1950s, the mushroom clouds from the 100 atmospheric (above ground) tests could be seen for almost 100 miles.
  • Between 1975 and 2000 the population of Las Vegas County grew by almost 250 percent.
  • Charles Fey invented a slot machine named the Liberty Bell in 1899.
  • The top-secret U.S. Air Force base known as Area 51, whose existence was denied by the United States government for years, and where believers in UFOs claim alien spacecraft are hidden underground, is located some 75 miles northwest of Las Vegas on Groom Lake.
  • Samuel Clemens (better known as Mark Twain) started his career writing for the Virginia City Territorial Enterprise newspaper in the spring of 1862 for $25 per week. he later described his salary as "bloated luxury" in his book Roughing It.


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