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General background about the Pennsylvania Flag

Pennsylvania Flag     Pennsylvania Great Seal



Pennsylvania's state flag consists of the official state seal displayed on a field of blue, a blue that matches the blue on the U.S. Flag.

  • MOTTO: "Virtue, Liberty, and Independence"
  • ENTERED UNION: Dec. 12, 1787
  • FLAG ADOPTED: 1799 (authorized), (Officially adopted and standardized in 1907)
  • COMMENTS: In the summer of 2007, a bill was introduced to the state legislature to add "Pennsylvania" to the bottom of the flag in golden letters. As of this date (2015), The Senate has yet to take action on the bill.


In 1907 The State Legislature standardized the colors and details of the flag with the following words; The flag "...shall be of blue, the same color as the blue field in the flag of the United States, and of the following dimensions and design; to wit, The length, or height, of the staff to be nine feet, including brass spear-head and ferrule, the fly of the said flag to be six feet and two inches, and to be four feet and six inches on the staff; in the center of the flag there shall be embroidered in silk the same on both sides of the flag the coat of arms of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, in proportionate size; the edge to be trimmed with knotted fringe of yellow silk, two and one-half inches wide; a cord, with tassels, to be attached to the staff at the spear-head, to be eight feet and six inches long, and composed of white and blue strands."


Pennsylvania Flag
State Flag, Pennsylvania




  • Hershey is known as the Chocolate Capital of the World. Among its most popular candies are Hershey's Kisses. Between its factory in Hershey and the on in Oakdale, California, the company can turn over 70 million of these candies each day.
  • Edwin Drake launched the petroleum industry when he drilled the first oil well in 1859 at Titusville.
  • During the American Revolution, the Liberty Bell was removed from Philadelphia to Allentown. It was returned after the British evacuated Philadelphia.
  • The first federal building whose construction was specifically authorized by the Constitution was the U.S. Mint. Philadelphia was selected for the site because, when construction began in 1792, it was the nation's capital. It is believed that some of the silver used in making the first silver coins was donated by President George Washington, who lived a few blocks from the mint at the time.
  • Philadelphia is home to Betsy Ross who created the first American Flag.
  • Philadelphia was home to the first computer in 1946.


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