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General background about the Utah Flag

Utah Flag     Utah Great Seal


  Eagle Mountain
  Salt Lake City
  West Jordan
  West Valley City

Utah's State Flag consists of the seal of Utah encircled in a golden circle on a background of dark navy blue.

  • MOTTO "Industry"
  • ENTERED UNION: Jan. 4, 1896
  • FLAG ADOPTED: April 3, 1896 (revised in 1903, 1913, and 2011)
  • COMMENTS: The flag's basic design uses the Seal of Utah which was adopted by the state legislature on April 3, 1896.


The official description of the Utah State Flag from the Utah Code, Title 63, Chapter 13, reads as follows:
"On The state flag of Utah shall be a flag of blue field, fringed, with gold borders, with the following device worked in natural colors on the center of the blue field:
The center a shield; above the shield and thereon an American eagle with outstretched wings; the top of the shield pierced with six arrows arranged crosswise; upon the shield under the arrows the word "Industry," and below the word "Industry" on the center of the shield, a beehive; on each side of the beehive, growing sego lilies; below the beehive and near the bottom of the shield, the word "Utah," and below the word "Utah" and on the bottom of the shield, the figures "1847"; with the appearance of being back of the shield there shall be two American flags on flagstaffs placed crosswise with the flag so draped that they will project beyond each side of the shield, the heads of the flagstaffs appearing in front of the eagle's wings and the bottom of each staff appearing over the face of the draped flag below the shield; below the shield and flags and upon the blue field, the figures "1896"; around the entire design, a narrow circle in gold."


Utah State Flag
State Flag, Utah

State Flag 1903-1913
State Flag, 1903-1913
State Flag, 1918-2011
State Flag, 1913-2011


  • The names Utah, Uinta, and Wasatch all derive from the Ute people. Utah means people of the mountains.
  • Rainbow Bridge, in the national monument of the same name, is the world's largest natural stone bridge.
  • The Great Salt Lake is three to five times saltier than the ocean and the largest lake west of the Mississippi River. It is the remnant of a much larger ancient inland sea called Lake Bonneville.
  • Utah's spectacular scenery is preserved in five national parks, seven national monuments, two national recreation areas, and six national forests.
  • The world's first transcontinental railroad was completed on May 10, 1869 and celebrated at Promontory where the Central Pacific and Union Pacific Railroads met. It is now known as Golden Spike National Historic Site.
  • The federal government owns 65% of the state's land.


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