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General background about the Washington Flag

Washington Flag     Washington Great Seal


  Walla Walla

Washington's State Flag consists of a dark green field with a reproduction of the seal of the state of Washington centered in the field of green.

  • MOTTO: "Evergreen State"
  • ENTERED UNION: Nov. 11, 1889
  • FLAG ADOPTED: 1923 (The image of Washington was revised in 1967)
  • COMMENTS: Washington's Flag is the only state flag with a green field, and it's the only state flag that displays an image of an actual person.


Washington state did not adopt its flag until 1923, more than thirty years after the state was admitted to the Union. Before this, at the turn of the twentieth century, a military flag bearing a gold profile of President Washington on blue bunting flew throughout the state. Once officially adopted the flag design details varied over the years. In 1967, upon the request of the secretary of state, the General Assembly commissioned Seattle artist Richard Nelms to create a new insignia. Nelms selected a portrait of George Washington done by Gilbert Stuart and added it to the original layout first designed by the Talcott brothers Charles, George, and Grant.

The current flag was standardized in the following ways. The background of Washington's flag is Irish Green (Pantone PMS 348); the background of the state seal is Oriental Blue (PMS 311); the portrait, letter, and inner rings of the state seal image are black; George Washington's face is Flesh Tint (PMS 169); and the gold used in the image and fringe is Nugget Gold (PMS 116).


Washington Flag
State Flag, Washington




  • Washington is the only state named for a President.
  • The first Father's Day was observed in Spokane in 1910.
  • The northernmost point in the contiguous United States is Cape Flattery on the Olympic Peninsula.
  • Sam Hill built a concrete replica of England's Stonehenge on a bluff overlooking the Columbia River as a memorial to the soldiers from Klickitat County who fought and died in World War I.
  • The Olympic Peninsula is home to the only temperate rain forest in the lower 48 states. It receives 12 to 14 feet of rain each year. The forest is dominated by Sitka Spruce and Western Hemlock, some of which are 300 feet high and 23 feet around.
  • Washington has more glaciers than all of the other 47 contiguous U.S. states combined.


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