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General background about the Wyoming Flag

Wyoming Flag     Wyoming Great Seal


  Green River
  Rock Springs

Wyoming's State Flag consists of the silhouette of an American Bison in white with the state seal at its heart. The colors of the State Flag are the same as those of the National Flag with a blue field bordered in white, followed by a thicker section of red that surrounds the entire border of the flag.

  • MOTTO: "Equal Rights"
  • ENTERED UNION: July 10, 1890
  • FLAG ADOPTED: January 31, 1917
  • COMMENTS: The bison centered in the flag represents the local fauna while the seal on it symbolizes the custom of branding livestock.


In 1916 the Wyoming Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) ran a contest inviting the public to submit possible designs for a Wyoming flag. A prize of $20 was offered to the winner, and the DAR received a total of 37 entries. They chose a drawing by Verna Keays, a recent graduate of the Art Institute of Chicago. On January 31, 1917, Governor Robert D. Carey signed the state flag bill into law and the bison flag was officially adopted.

Many states use their official seal in their flag design. But in placing its seal on the silhouette of a bison, Wyoming's flag distinguishes itself from all others. The flag also uses borders of red and white to differentiate itself from the state flags that feature a plain blue border. This unique design earned Wyoming's flag a spot in the top third of the "Great NAVA Survey of 2001"; it placed twenty-third out of the seventy-two flags that were judged.

Wyoming State Flag
State Flag, Wyoming




  • The famous Teapot Dome scandal, which blackened President Harding's administration, concerned oil leases in Wyoming and California. It took its name from the shape of a rock formation above the oil reserves in Wyoming.
  • Cody, Wyoming, is named for 'Buffalo Bill' Cody.
  • Butch Cassidy's Wild Bunch gang lived in and around Kaycee, Wyoming, on the Powder River.
  • Wyoming is called the Equality State because it was the first state to give women the right to vote, granted in 1869 when it was still a territory.
  • The horse on Wyoming's license plate is named 'Old Steamboat' in honor of a legendary bucking bronco that no one could ride.
  • 'Devils Tower' was named the country's first national monument by President Roosevelt in 1906. It is a sacred site of worship to many Plains Indians, who know it as 'Bears Lodge'.


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